Welcome to On the Spot Floor Care.
We are a locally owned and operated company located in Newnan, Georgia. We
offer professional carpet and floor cleaning services for residential and commercial properties.

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Steps to Creating a Clean & Healthy Environment
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Feel secure knowing that all of our cleaning work is performed by IICRC certified technicians using safe and dependable cleaning solutions, cleaning methods and cleaning equipment recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Silver Gold Platinum

Thorough Inspection
We will inspect all of areas that need cleaning, making note of areas that need special attention and other areas of concern.  

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Begin with Vacuum
Experts in the carpeting industry say that vacuuming before
beginning with the deep cleaning process will remove many of
the dry soil particles that sit in your carpet. The end result will
be drastically different with a thorough vacuum before
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Pre-Conditioner Application
All carpeted areas that need cleaning will be conditioned to
loosen soil that is bound to the fibers in your carpet.
(Conditioner is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute)
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Spot Treatment
Some spots require special attention in addition to our normal cleaning.  We treat these spots with advanced spotting techniques.
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Move Necessary Furniture
We will move larger pieces of furniture to get to hard to reach places. (Certain furniture cannot be moved by our technicians, these include: China cabinets, bookcases, entertainment centers, pianos, large dressers, beds with bookcase headboards or center support or other fragile items.) Please Note: Small furniture items will be moved in open areas regardless of service package.
Steam Cleaning of General Area
All areas that you have indicated that need cleaning will be
thoroughly rinsed free of soil and pre-conditioner by our method of hot water extraction or 'steam cleaning'. The products that we use
for this process are all approved by the Carpet and Rug
Institute and will be safe to use on your carpet.
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Reset Furniture
All furniture that was moved prior to cleaning will be replaced to
its original spot with tabs or blocks on the bottom to help protect
the carpet and furniture.
Re-Application of  Scotchgard Carpet Protector     check.gif   check.gif 
Carpet Grooming
This process will decrease drying time and improve the
appearance of your carpet.
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Carpet Drying
We will help speed up the drying time by placing a high speed
air mover on areas of the carpet. Typical drying time is
6-8 hours.
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Customer Review
We will review the areas of carpet that were cleaned making
sure that you are satisfied with our service and we will address
any remaining issued if needed at that time.
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